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Growth and Niche Markets in Tourism

An inside look into one of the world's fastest growing industries. 


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It’s one of the world’s fastest-growing industries, but like any business, tourism is evolving. More and more travelers are looking for experiences that go beyond the typical cruise or hotel stay—and with the emergence of niche tourism comes an increasing need for anyone in the hospitality trade to understand how it is expanding and what forms of specialization are involved. 

This program explores a range of niche markets, including volunteer tourism, health and medical tourism, gastronomic tourism, and even so-called dark tourism, which, as the name suggests, focuses on famous burial sites, war zones, and other points of macabre interest. Discussions with niche market tourists explore the motivations behind their excursions and whether the outcomes were what they’d hoped for.


Video Segments
1. Tourism Growth Industries Eco tourism, cultural tourism, sports, food and wine, and more. The growth in niche tourism is due to the increase in disposable income, especially in emerging economies like China and India.
2. Volunteer Tourism Volunteerism involves people traveling to various parts of the world to work on community, social, or conservation projects. Volunteers share their experiences in foreign countries. We earn about life-changing impact that many of these volunteers experience.
3. Dark Tourism Dark tourism involves traveling to destinations associated with death and suffering, places such as concentration camps, battlefields, disaster sites, prisons, and more. Is "thanatourism" morbid or is it historical study? Is it disrespectful?
4. Health and Medical Tourism Health and medical tourism refers to traveling to make use of medical, and health and well-being services. People might travel to developing countries for cosmetic surgery or dental work, for example. This type of tourism is a multibillion-dollar industry. We learn about the Roman baths.
5. Gastronomic Tourism Gastronomic tourism is focused chiefly around food and wine. It is a major growth area of tourism. We visit the De Bortoli winery in Australia. A key feature of gastronomic tourism is food and drink that is local to the area.

Grade: 9-12

Growth and Niche Markets in Tourism (DVD)
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Time: 21 Minutes

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