Graphic Design: What's in a Logo?


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Graphic designers with the consulting firm Navy Blue must produce a new corporate identity for Digital Animations Group, a Scottish company on the cutting edge of 3-D technology. Their task is to create a logo that captures the company’s spirit and works across different formats, such as on paper, signs, windows, and Web pages.

This program follows the entire process, from sitting down with the client to determine the mission, to brainstorming and pitching proposals, to unveiling the finished product.

Video Segments

1. Rebranding a Corporate Image Re-branding an image starts with the "pitch" from a design company. A new corporate logo must work across all formats; it must be strong, simple and capture the essence of a business.

2. Corporate Ideas Presented Elements of the "pitch" include creating numerous ideas, looking at what the company produces, and understanding the real need of the company.

3. Refining and Applying the Design Once the logo design is chosen, work can begin on applying it across formats such as the web page, business cards and letterhead, posters, windows and advertising.

4. Printing and Unveiling Printing, colors, clean copy, and paper performance are checked for consistency in the final stage of logo production. The logo is ready for delivery and actual application.


Grade: 9-12

Graphic Design: What's in a Logo? (DVD)
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Time: 15 Minutes

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