Davis Advantage for Fundamentals of Nursing Care

Concepts, Connections & Skills

4th Edition
Includes Davis Advantage
Written specifically for LPNs/LVNs, the text provides the foundational knowledge they need to understand. A comprehensive approach to care promotes critical thinking and clinical judgment to teach students how to ‘think like a nurse’ from the very first day. Clear, concise, readable, well organized, and easy to follow, it’s the text that prepares new nurses to “make the connections” and practice safely.
Davis Advantage

Using a unique and proven approach across a Learn-Apply-Assess continuum, Davis Advantage engages students to help them make the connections to key topics. Whether teaching in-person or online, this complete solution aligns seamlessly with the textbook and equips instructors with actionable analytics to track students’ progress, remediate where needed, and facilitate an active learning environment.

  • LEARN—Personalized LearningPersonalized Learning immerses students in an online learning experience tailored to their individual needs. Students are assessed on their comprehension of key topics from the text, and then are guided through animated mini-lecture videos and interactive activities to engage students, reinforce learning, and bring concepts to life.
  • APPLY—Clinical JudgmentClinical Judgment develops students’ critical thinking and clinical reasoning, helping them to build the clinical judgment skills they need to practice safe and effective nursing care and to prepare for the Next Generation NCLEX® with confidence. Progressive case studies align with the new Next Gen NCLEX & NCSBN Clinical Judgment Measurement model and feature real-life, complex clinical situations that challenge students to apply knowledge, make informed decisions, and evaluate outcomes.
  • ASSESS—QuizzingQuizzing uses thousands of NCLEX-style questions for assessment and remediation. Its adaptive, question-based format provides the additional practice students need to test their knowledge, master course content, and perform well on course exams and the NCLEX. PLUS! Brand-new Next Gen NCLEX stand-alone questions provide students with even more practice answering the new item types.
New To This Edition
  • Expanded & Updated! Thoroughly updated to reflect the art and the science of LPN/LVN practice as well as the newest evidence and changes in health care.
  • New! “Clinical Judgment in Action” boxes ask students to consider the current situation, prioritize and describe the actions they would take, and explain why.
  • New! Clinical Judgment and its terminology appear in the first chapter, introducing the concepts to students who are at the beginning of their nursing education.
  • New! Focus on cultural competency
  • New! Discussions on the social determinants of health plus additional content in Chapter 7, Promoting Health and Wellness
  • Expanded! Coverage of infection control and PPE
Table of Contents


1 The Vista of Nursing

2 Health-Care Delivery, Settings and Economics

3 Ethics, Law, and Delegation in Nursing

4 The Nursing Process: Critical Thinking, and Decision Making

5 Documentation



6 Communication and Relationships

7 Promoting Health and Wellness

8 Ethnic, Cultural, and Spiritual Aspects of Care

9 Growth and Development throughout the Lifespan

10 Loss, Grief, and Dying

11 Complementary and Alternative Medicine

12 Patient Teaching



13 Safety

14 Medical Asepsis and Infection Control

15 Personal Care

16 Moving and Positioning Patients

17 Vital Signs

18 Applying Heat and Cold

19 Pain Management, Rest, and Restorative Sleep

20 Admission, Transfer, and Discharge

21 Physical Assessment

22 Surgical Asepsis



23 Nutrition

24 Nutritional Care and Support

25 Diagnostic Tests

26 Wound Care

27 Musculoskeletal Care

28 Respiratory Care

29 Fluids, Electrolytes, and Introduction to Acid-Base Balance

30 Bowel Elimination and Care

31 Urinary Elimination and Care

32 Care of Elderly Patients

33 Care of the Surgical Patient

34 Phlebotomy and Blood Specimens



35 Researching and Preparing Medications

36 Administering Oral, Topical, and Mucosal Medications

37 Administering Intradermal, Subcutaneous, and Intramuscular Injections

38 Intravenous Therapy


Appendix A: Photo and Illustration Credits for Unnumbered Figures



Key Features


  • “LPN/LVN Connections,” a consistent and recognizable approach makes it easier for students and instructors to use multiple books across the LPN curriculum.
  • “Think like a Nurse” connection boxes illustrate how to apply theory to practice in key areas: Clinicals, A&P, Patient Teaching, Real-World Nursing, People & Places, Knowledge, Lab/Diagnoses, and Delegation/Supervision.
  • Step-by-step procedures for over 120 skills make every concept easy to grasp.
  • “Post Conference” boxes follow each skill, summarizing what students have learned and describing the possible reactions of both patient and nurse.
  • Critical-thinking questions hone skills and thought processes for clinical success.
  • Geriatric content throughout familiarizes students with this patient demographic.


Davis Advantage (Personalized Learning, Clinical Judgment, and Quizzing)

  • Personalized Learning engages students through videos and interactive activities that present key concepts in ways that makes content more relatable and understandable.
  • Clinical Judgment challenges students with the new Next Gen NCLEX® question types that align with the cognitive areas of the NCSBN’s Clinical Judgment Measurement Model, requiring careful analysis, synthesis of the data, and critical thinking.
  • Quizzing provides thousands of NCLEX®-style questions (including alternate-format questions) with detailed rationales to test students’ knowledge and promote in-depth understanding.
  • Personalized Learning Plans and dashboards track students’ progress across their assignments and highlight where they need to focus their study time.
  • Actionable analytics allow instructors to track comprehension and participation, monitor performance, and identify areas for remediation.
  • Personalized Teaching Plans provide instructors with engaging lesson plans and activities that can be leveraged in both virtual and in-person classroom settings.
  • Integrated ebook allows students to reference the textbook anytime, anywhere.
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Grade: 9-12

Fundamentals of Nursing Care, 4E (Student Textbook) (Print)
ISBN: 978-1-7196-4455-6
Author: Marti Burton, David Smith and Linda J. May Ludwig
© 2023
Size: 8.5" x 11"
Page Count: 960
Binding: Softcover

Fundamentals of Nursing Care, 4E (Student Textbook eBook) (Web-based)
Author: Marti Burton, David Smith and Linda J. May Ludwig
© 2023
Page Count: 960
Print Color: Full Color

Fundamentals of Nursing Care, 4E (Study Guide) (Print)
ISBN: 978-1-7196-4456-3
Author: Marti Burton, David Smith and Linda J. May Ludwig
© 2023
Size: 8.5" x 11"
Page Count: 320
Binding: Softcover

Fundamentals of Nursing Care, 4E (Study Guide eBook) (Web-based)
Author: Marti Burton, David Smith and Linda J. May Ludwig
© 2023
Page Count: 320
Print Color: Full Color

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