Fashionable Business: Young Designers, New Labels


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The fashion business is renowned for its competitiveness. How, then, do emerging fashion entrepreneurs get a foothold in this fast-paced field? Fashionable Business answers that question through the stories of three up-and-coming labels from Down Under—Dhini, Trimäpee, and MaterialByProduct—and the visionary young designers behind them.

Topics range from where they get their ideas and inspiration, to fabric types and manufacturing processes, to the day-to-day realities of running a business and building a brand. As each label illustrates, pushing the envelope of clothing design is key in an industry where edginess is richly rewarded.

Video Segments

1. Young Fashion and Design: Introduction For young designers, business studies are as important as design skills, and continual learning never stops. The main point of success is uniqueness of approach to fashion.

2. Design Inspiration and Ideas There are many different sources of inspiration, such as one's surroundings, hands-on work with materials, and from study or particular interests. Creation is an organic process. Inspiration is entirely individual and the end result is unique.
3. Design Technologies and Manufacturing For designers, using different materials requires using different techniques, and they must find the right manufacturing process to suit their needs. Creating and maintaining good relationships with manufacturers is vital to future success.
4. Fashion Design: Building a Business Designers building their businesses must be seen in order to be successful. They must employ good marketing strategies and be persistent. Media coverage guarantees name recognition. Being well known to buyers and consumers equals success.
5. Fashion Design: Competition Competition comes in many forms, from multi-million dollar companies to the shop next door. Designers need a competitive edge such as new technologies or by keeping up to date. Hard work, determination, and personal sacrifice are essential.


Grade: 9-12

Fashionable Business: Young Designers, New Labels (DVD)
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