Fashion: Superbrand Chic

Part of the Secrets of the Superbrands Series

An excellent primer in real-world marketing strategy as well as theoretical aspects of marketing psychology. 


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The apparel industry has become far more than a showcase for a designer’s talent—it’s now the battleground of billion-dollar corporations. This program enters the world of fashion superbrands to find out how and why they have invaded not only our wardrobes, but our minds.

With help from neuroscientist and marketing expert Dr. Gemma Calvert, who administers an MRI scan to an avid fashion consumer, the film shows how the brain’s pleasure center responds to advertising images, especially those that convey luxury and prestige. Viewers also learn about marketing strategies that have driven the success of adidas shoes, Diesel jeans, Burberry accessories, and other products.



Fashion: Superbrand Chic (DVD)
© 2011
Time: 52 Minutes

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