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Every Call Counts: Telephone Tactics


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This video program combines real-world workplace scenarios with up-to-date “how to” narratives to illustrate key concepts and skills for proper telephone techniques. A strong base of communication etiquette is developed through a series of telephone dos and don’ts.

Students will learn how to deliver the perfect greeting, screen calls, handle irate callers, transfer callers, and use voice mail. By viewing a wide variety of role-playing examples and behavior-modeling opportunities, students and professionals will gain a better understanding of the skills needed to communicate effectively over the phone.

Video Segments

1. Answering the Phone Attitude, buffering words, representing the company, and smiling when answering the phone create a good first impression.
2. Communication Skills When communicating on the phone always be polite, use good grammar, enunciate, and error on the side of being too formal.
3. Voice Control on the Phone Control your voice through rate, energy, and quality.
4. Active Listening While actively listening, don't get distracted, grasp the caller's idea, avoid tuning out, listen for key words, and don't interrupt.
5. Managing Aggressive Callers Empathize with callers and use closed questions to diffuse the situation. Monogram your caller by saying their name throughout the conversation. Keep noises to a minimum.
6. Taking Phone Messages When writing a phone message include first and last names, telephone number, company, date, time, details, and ask for clarification.
7. Irate Customers To calm irate customers begin with a clean slate, listen to their point of view, remain calm, don't interrupt, show empathy, and offer solutions.
8. Make Every Call Count To make every caller count be prepared, avoid slang, and embrace diversity. Don't make callers wait on hold.
9. Voice Mail Etiquette When leaving a message for someone be brief and to the point. State your phone number twice.



Grade: 9-12

Every Call Counts: Telephone Tactics (DVD)
© 2003
Time: 35 Minutes

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