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Ethics and Social Responsibility in Business


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Many businesses abide by a code of conduct, either company-specific or industry-wide.

This timely program distinguishes between ethical behavior and social responsibility by spotlighting two well-known Australian businesses that exhibit both qualities: Bendigo Bank and its Community Bank initiative, a cooperatively spirited venture that teaches solid commercial principles to franchisees, and The Body Shop, a skincare product provider that calls itself an activist organization committed to positive social and environmental change and a retailer committed to customer service excellence.

The underlying message? Good community is good business.

Video Segments
1. Ethics vs. The Bottom Line Evidence shows that ethics and profits are not incompatible. Ethical investment means choosing to invest in a way that reflects one’s values. Ethical funds tend to grow more than conventional ones.
2. Social Responsibility in Business Social responsibility in business must protect and enhance the welfare of society. Companies can choose to be reactive or proactive in helping society. Profit is a benefit of social responsibility.
3. Social Responsibility: Bendigo Bank Successful companies come from successful communities. Bendigo Banks started community banks, giving a sense of fulfillment to employees and the community, which profits from the bank.
4. Social Responsibility: The Body Shop The Body Shop’s charter includes three interlinking circles: economic success, stakeholder fulfillment, and social and environmental change. Employees get paid days to work on community projects.
5. Ethics in Business Ethics are shaped by family, peers, life experiences, personal values, laws, and codes. Social norms maintain cohesion in society. Ethical cultures and codes of ethics are vital for businesses.
6. Ethical Culture: Bendigo Bank Bendigo Bank has a corporate values statement. Veteran employees mentor new staff. A good ethical culture benefits the company’s reputation and gains community trust.
7. Ethical Culture: The Body Shop Businesses must have a moral code of behavior to be sustainable. Honesty, care, and respect are key factors in the employee-created code of conduct. Ethical behavior goes beyond the company’s door.

Grade: 9-12

Ethics and Social Responsibility in Business (DVD)
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