Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology, 8th Edition

8th Edition
Includes DavisPlus

The signature reader approach to Anatomy and Physiology!

The student-friendly language and engaging art style of this text offer a wealth of learning opportunities in every chapter. Colorful and highly detailed graphics make anatomy and physiology fun and easy to study, preparing students for future success in health science. From cells and basic chemistry, to human development and genetics, students will explore anatomy and physiology body system by body system. Exercises and activities in the Student Workbook and online instill confidence every step of the way, making it perfect as a companion to the text or as a stand-alone study guide.

Table of Contents

1 Organization and General Plan of the Body

2 Some Basic Chemistry

3 Cells

4 Tissues and Membranes

5 The Integumentary System

6 The Skeletal System

7 The Muscular System

8 The Nervous System

9 The Senses

10 The Endocrine System

11 Blood

12 The Heart

13 The Vascular System

14 The Lymphatic System and Immunity

15 The Respiratory System

16 The Digestive System

17 Body Temperature and Metabolism

18 The Urinary System 

19 Fluid-Electrolyte and Acid-Base Balance

20 The Reproductive Systems

21 Human Development and Genetics

22 An Introduction to Microbiology and Human Disease



A. Units of Measure

B. Abbreviations

C. Normal Values for Some Commonly Used Blood Tests

D. Normal Values for Some Commonly Used Urine Tests

E. Eponymous Terms

F. Prefixes, Combining Word Roots, and Suffixes Used in Medical Terminology

G. Answers to Illustration Questions

H. Answers to Takeaways Questions



  • Flexible presentation of content makes the text suitable for any course.
  • Precisely detailed, full-color illustrations throughout make every concept clear.
  • Highly detailed anatomy photographs and full-color illustrations enhance visual learning.
  • Clinical application boxes put theory into action.
  • Extensive microbiology tables reinforce the text.
  • Questions for every figure in the book encourage critical thinking and reinforce understanding of the image and the content.
  • A wealth of pedagogical features promotes learning and includes chapter outlines • student objectives • new and related clinical terminology (with pronunciations) • study outlines • review questions and "For Further Thought" discussion topics • and a comprehensive glossary.
  • Pretests and post-tests for every chapter with print and email capabilities assess progress.

Instructor Resources

  • eBook, powered by VitalSource—Your complete text online
  • Classroom & Lecture Planning Resources – Plan your classes here
  • Test Bank – Assess your students’ understanding of the material
  • Previous Edition Resources - Your home for 7th edition resources

Student Resources

  • eBook, powered by VitalSource – Your complete text online
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Grade: 9-12

Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology Textbook (Print - Softcover) (Print)
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Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology (Student Workbook) (Print)
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