Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

An exploration into the process of setting up a business enterprise.


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This program explores the process of setting up a business enterprise by following the story of Olive—a dynamic young woman with a passion for social media. As Olive begins her own e-business in the competitive field of media monitoring, viewers learn just what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur, including careful research and planning, finding a niche market, promoting the new company, and more. Throughout the video an app developer, a graphic designer for go-karts, and a fashion designer share their insights into the challenges and rewards of starting their own business.

Video Segments

1. Enterprise An enterprise is a bold business venture, initiatives that provide services for the community. Self-employment can be a viable career option. Enterprises begin with an idea with a goal of successfully realizing the idea.
2. Entrepreneur An entrepreneur who creates a commercial enterprise, often based on what they enjoy. They are skilled in finding a market niche. they seek advice and create a business plan.
3. Putting It into Practice There is risk involved in starting a new enterprise. Risks can be managed by starting small, keeping goals manageable and achievable. Entrepreneurs must look into creative ways to advertise and promote their enterprises.
4. Are You Ready to Be Enterprising? Entrepreneurs who have set up increasingly successful enterprises share their secrets of success. Successful entrepreneurs have passion for their work. Success tips include boldness, market research, creativity, and more.


Grade: 6-8, 9-12

Enterprise and Entrepreneurship (DVD)
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Time: 19 Minutes

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