Effective Communication in Business


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When a person has to rush to work in his pajamas because he’s overslept (and, incidentally, his house was demolished by accident while he was asleep in it), it’s the start of what can only be a very bad day.

This humorously surreal dramatization tracks “pajama man” around the office to make serious points about verbal vs. nonverbal and formal vs. informal communication; how communication can break down due to misunderstanding or distraction; why failures of business communication can be so detrimental, whether they are internal, B2B, or customer-facing; and the liabilities of unethical communications such as spamming and inappropriate texting.

Video Segments

1. Communication: What Is It? Effective communication is the backbone that holds up a business. Communication is the process of effectively sending and receiving information. It is verbal or non-verbal, formal or informal.
2. Communication: What Stops It? Communication is slowed or stopped when jargon or acronyms pepper the speech. Different languages and unclear messages cause problems. People may have difficulty receiving information in the presence of distracting noise.
3. Communication Between Businesses Businesses need to communicate with suppliers, banks, advertising agencies, other business, and more. Ineffective communication may cause errors in supplies and time lines. Records of business dealings should always be saved.
4. Communication Within Businesses Businesses need effective communication internally because employees and management have many day-to-day tasks that require it. Lines of communication should always be open across a business.
5. Communication with Customers Businesses rely on customers to stay in business. Businesses can gain customers' attention through communication such as logos, slogans, and jingles. Other communication channels include advertising, sponsorship, and more.
6. Ethics in Business Communication Words are powerful, so using them appropriately is important to business success. Misleading customers, sending spam communication, and other unethical behavior can put a business in the sights of consumer advocacy groups.
7. Communication in Business Review In business, communication is everything. Success in business relies on successful communication with other businesses and within a business. Failed communication can cost time, money, and peace of mind.



Grade: 9-12

Effective Communication in Business (DVD)
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