New EduTyping Updates! has every tool you need to teach K-12 keyboarding online. And we’re continually improving the experience of teaching and learning on the platform with new keyboarding content, enhanced features and updates, and more. Take a look below to see what we’ve been working on and check back often.

October 2022

New! "Practice Library" and “Making Headlines” Typing Lessons

A series of new Practice Library and Making Headlines typing lessons are now available in your account today! To assign them to your students, go to Class Settings, then select Customize Curriculum and ensure that the new lessons are selected.

The new elementary lessons include:

  • The Importance of Exercise
  • Saving the Leaning Tower of Pisa

The new secondary lessons include:

  • Pioneering NASA Mathematician
  • MTV Movie Awards
  • Exploring a New Volcanic Island

New Content and Features for 2022-2023 continues to improve and evolve into a lot more than just a touch-typing platform. With new lessons across a range of digital topics, students will reinforce their keyboarding mastery all while engaging them with the newest and most relevant technology skills. In addition to our digital literacy and computer applications curricula, here’s what we’ve got planned for this upcoming school year.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft applications have become a staple in most schools and businesses across the globe. That’s why we are adding a new Microsoft 365 curriculum to the platform. We’ll be adding Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint lessons for each grade level within the platform.

Google Workspace Apps

If your school uses Google Workspace, you’ll be pleased to know that will include a new curriculum specifically designed to boost students’ skills in using Google applications, including Docs, Sheets, and Slides. These lessons will be strategically placed within the platform so that students gain additional reinforcement to their keyboarding skills while learning the most useful Google Workspace apps.

Digital Literacy & Computer Apps Lessons

A hybrid of theory and hands-on lessons will teach students the fundamentals of digital literacy and give them step-by-step instructions in using computer apps.

Grade-by-Grade Scope & Sequences

Our updated Scope & Sequences are a detailed curriculum roadmap, guiding you through each curriculum option with best practices, recommended instruction, teaching tips, and grading benchmarks at each grade level.

New District & School Admin Reports

Robust reports with new filtering options specifically for admins will keep the data you need at your fingertips.

Coding & Computer Science Lessons

Basic HTML and CSS coding lessons will be introduced to students using our familiar interactive typing interface. And, just like every other unit and lesson included within the curriculum, you can enable or disable the coding lessons at any time.

June 2022

New! "Practice Library" Typing Lessons

This month’s lessons—Weather Vocabulary and Top US Vacation Destinations—are available in your account today! To assign them to your students, go to Class Settings, then select Customize Curriculum and ensure that either of the new lessons is selected.

May 2022

New! "Making Headlines" Typing Lessons

Each month we’ll be adding new Practice Library and Making Headlines lessons to the curriculum. This month’s lessons—Back to the Movies and Saving Money at the Pump—are available in your account today! To assign them to your students, go to Class Settings, then select Customize Curriculum and ensure that either of the new lessons is selected.

New! EduTyping Scope & Sequence

With the addition of our new specially-designed, grade-by-grade curricula at each grade level from kindergarten to Grade 5, we’ve recently added a helpful new resource to guide you in using EduTyping in your own class. Watch the following video to learn more.

The Scope & Sequence is a detailed curriculum roadmap, guiding you through each curriculum option with best practices, recommended instruction, teaching tips, and grading benchmarks at each grade level.

Based on nearly fifteen years of data analysis and user field tests, the Scope & Sequence is designed to provide teachers with a structure and format that will maximize learning touch typing for each age group category. You know your students best, but using our Scope & Sequence will help you get the most out of, no matter what your classroom needs.

Click here to view our interactive Scope & Sequence

Click here to download our Scope & Sequence for offline use

April 2022

New! Customize Individual Student Settings

We’re excited to announce a game-changing new feature just added to the ability to customize individual student preferences, including their curriculum. Watch the following video to learn more.

We’ve been listening to your feedback and recognize the need for instructors to use EduTyping to provide specific, individualized instruction for each student. You can now customize any student’s experience within EduTyping independent of the rest of the class. For example, you can easily move a student between any of the recently-released grade-by-grade curricula from kindergarten to Grade 5, and even customize the specific lessons available to them. Or, you can change a student’s settings, allowing selected students to redo completed lessons, for example, or to jump to any lesson in the curriculum.

By using the new Student Settings feature, you can now customize your students' EduTyping learning experience to best suit their own unique learning needs.

March 2022

New Video! Keyboarding: A Skill for Life

We hope you’ve had the opportunity to utilize the new Resource Library located within EduTyping’s Teacher Portal. To make this collection of resources even more valuable for your classroom, we’ve now added the new Keyboarding: A Skill for Life video and lesson plan. Take a look below for a preview!

After viewing this video, your students will be convinced that they’ll use the skill of keyboarding for the rest of their lives. The video includes personal interviews with working professionals, students, and teachers who explain how keyboarding skills play an integral part in their success on the job, in school, and in their personal lives. Next, the video provides instructional touch typing demonstrations such as good posture and technique, proper hand and finger placement, and how to develop accuracy and speed.

Along with the video, you’ll get a lesson plan including classroom discussion questions to help introduce key concepts discussed in the video, as well as a comprehension quiz to assess students’ understanding of the major topics.

January 2022

New! Keyboarding Trivia

When you next log into, you'll have access to Keyboarding Trivia—an interactive digital version of our classic classroom game, now available in the Resource Library of EduTyping’s Teacher Portal.

Keyboarding Trivia

This fun, interactive trivia game is the perfect way for students to memorize and reinforce their knowledge of the keys of the QWERTY keyboard. Choose from 250 questions arranged in four complete Question Deck gameboards to reveal each trivia question. Keyboarding Trivia offers lots of different ways to play, whether it's competing in teams, using the questions as flash cards for review, or playing "speed rounds" by using a timer. Watch a quick video preview about this new interactive game.

Watch this quick video for a preview of our new Keyboarding Trivia game!

There’s more on the way! Over the coming months, you’ll find awesome keyboarding extras to supplement your EduTyping course—adding variety and fun to your keyboarding class. Keep checking the EduTyping Resource Library for reinforcement activities, games, teaching tips, and more.

November 2021

New! Grade-by-Grade Elementary Keyboarding

EduTyping teachers now have the option to select from newly-designed, grade-by-grade curricula, each built to address the unique learning objectives at each specific grade level from kindergarten to Grade 5. And of course, teachers will still have the option to use our all-inclusive elementary curriculum EduTyping, Jr., where students can progress at their own pace. Watch the following video to learn more.

New Curriculum Features Include:

• Grade Level Scope & Sequence
• New Instructional Videos
• Auto-graded Quizzes

• New Simplified Typing Interface
• Downloadable Activities
• Enhanced Teacher Reports

Looking ahead, we’ve got even more on the horizon for EduTyping, including a new student lesson interface, new teacher and admin dashboards, enhanced admin reporting options, and a host of new keyboarding games.