Developing a Website

A comprehensive introduction into the basic principles of Web site development.


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Taking viewers into an exciting, creative, fast-growing industry, this video looks at the key considerations involved when designing and developing a website. It examines Internet basics, planning a website’s structure and purpose, website design and construction, and website testing. Several experts on media, digital marketing, and website technology and utilization appear in the program, offering their insights on the best ways to proceed.

Ideal for anyone entering the fields of information technology, graphic design, and business, this entertaining visual resource provides valuable advice and insider tips on how to build a well functioning, user-friendly, and attractive website. 

Video Segments

1. Internet Basics (01:30) 

Learn a brief overview of Domain Naming System (DNS), Internet Protocol (IP), and Uniform Resource Locator (URL).
2. Internet Service Providers and Tools (01:51) 
Learn how ISPs work and how they are changing. Explore how browser software and search engines work.

3. Programming Languages (02:07) 
There are two main languages: HTML and Java Script. Learn about popular software options for creating webpages.
4. Planning a Website (01:27) 
The first step is to meet with the client to determine their needs. Learn the many possible functions of a website.
5. Accessibility (01:07)
The goal is to give all users a positive experience with the website.

 6. Documentation of Information Architecture (01:04) 
After determining the client's needs, create a wire frame or rough outline for the website. The next step is a visual mockup.
7. Functional Specifications and Security (01:59) 
Each function of the website should be mapped out in detail during the planning stage. Also consider data security, login systems, and licensing issues.
8. Designing and Constructing a Website (01:59) 
Learn about the different structures of websites: Linear structure, Hierarchical Websites, Web or Mesh
9. Website Creation Tools (01:13) 
An overview of the creation process using the following tools: design software, Content management systems, and plugins.
10. Off the Shelf Products (01:07) 
Existing products are recommended for websites that include financial transactions.
11. Testing a Website (02:24) 
Websites require extensive testing and evaluation during and after the building process. Examples of what to look for when testing are given. Cross browser testing is particularly important.
12. Testing Usability (01:48) 
Supervising users who haven't visited the website is one way of testing; using a variety of users is best. Idiot proofing involves testing unexpected usage.
13. Credits: Developing a Website (00:33) 
Credits: Developing a Website



Grade: 9-12

Developing a Website (DVD)
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