Developing a Career Portfolio

A program that shows how to make a strong impression with a career portfolio.


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With temporary and project-based employment becoming the norm, job seekers need more than just a simple resume—they need to provide in-depth illustrations of their skills and experiences.

This program shows how to create a strong impression with a potential employer by developing a career portfolio. Featuring insight from a career coach and a pair of hypothetical case studies, the film presents step-by-step guidance in assembling a portfolio’s ingredients. These include awards, commendations, evidence of community work, “hard” and “soft” skill descriptions, and articles or photographs that enhance an applicant’s perceived value. Choices between digital and paper-based materials are discussed.

Video Segments

1. What Is a Career Portfolio? A career portfolio gives a prospective employer a good picture of what an applicant's skills and experiences are. It presents visual evidence of who you are and what you have achieved.
2. How to Use a Career Portfolio A career portfolio is a portable display of skills and achievements. It is an opportunity for the applicant to market him or herself, and encourages an employer to make a favorable decision. Use a variety of letters, reports, and photographs.
3. Career Portfolio: Specific Skills Specific skills can be developed in all areas of life, including school work, paid work, volunteer work, and community service. Qualifications are also considered hard skills, such as a certificate of course completion.
4. Career Portfolio: Generic Skills Generic skills are employability skills. They include communication, teamwork, problem solving, initiative and enterprise, planning and organizing, self-management, learning, and technology,
5. How to Create a Career Portfolio Once all the material is gathered for the career portfolio, the job applicant must carefully choose what to include and what to exclude. In this case, "Less is best." Tailor the portfolio towards specific job opportunities.
6. Career Portfolio in Action A career portfolio might contain a DVD the applicant created to show specific aspects of a particular set of skills, e.g., fashion design. Wait until the interview to show the portfolio. Leave it in the hands of the interviewer.



Grade: 9-12

Developing a Career Portfolio (DVD)
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