Designers Under Pressure: Digital Design


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Two designers, two very different digital display technologies: Christopher Pearson has prototyped decorative animated digital wallpaper, while Tom Barker has invented the SmartSlab, a large-scale modular interactive LED panel. Segment one of this program shows how Pearson, having accepted a commission to “wallpaper” an entire restaurant, triumphs over every technological and logistical obstacle to meet the opening-night deadline—without a moment to spare. In segment two, Barker risks his reputation—and his financial backing—when he presents his SmartSlab at a world conference of architects.

Video Segments

1. Innovative Digital Design Digital wallpaper is a display projected onto wall surfaces that appears to be animated wallpaper. This complex technology will create illusions for customer entertainment in a European restaurant. 2. Digital Challenges of Digital Wallpaper A designer, under pressure to install digital wallpaper for Europe's most expensive restaurant, scales down his plans. The designer must synchronize 12 projectors to make his digital wallpaper a success. 3. Design Meets Approval On opening night, a digital wallpaper designer discovers serious flaws in the projection software. Once restored to working condition, the digital wallpaper pleases restaurant patrons who comment on the restful aspects of the design. 4. Beyond Digital Wallpaper: Architectural Design Images Industrial designer Tom Barker designed SmartSlab, honeycomb-structured modules that combine to create huge digital displays. Beyond their function as digital wallpaper, these slabs are strong enough to be used as walls and floors of unlimited size. 5. Design Challenges An industrial designer and his team face challenges when they try to impress potential clients. 6. Marketing Presentation A design team tests its SmartSlab wall but time constraints and lack of sufficient electrical power to the building itself create challenges. Soon, things go well, and the true potential of Tom Barker's SmartSlab comes to light. 7. Media and Structure Come Together Industrial designer Tom Barker prepares to show his SmartSlab in full function, but the power goes out. Can he iron out the last-minute glitches? His design is a "marriage between media and structure."


Grade: 9-12

Designers Under Pressure: Digital Design (DVD)
© 2006
Time: 24 Minutes

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