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CyberSense 3-Part Video Series

A three-part series that raises teen awareness of the threats that Internet users face.


Taking a no-nonsense, peer-based approach, this three-part “Cyber” series raises teen awareness of Internet security, ethics, and safety. Personal, financial, and career-related risks become clear through conversations with young people and interviews with computer experts.


What harm could come from sitting leisurely at the computer, chatting with online pals? Unfortunately, many young people who spend hours in chat rooms or post sensitive information on the Internet have little or no idea of the risks involved.

This program warns students about how vulnerable they are whenever they venture into the cyber realm—even when they think they’re among “friends.” Explaining how to take precautions in chat rooms, on social networking sites, and anywhere that predators lurk, the program strongly advises against physically meeting any online acquaintance and emphasizes that parents or guardians must be involved in such meetings. Commentary from experts and questions from peers reinforce the notion of an irreversible virtual footprint—a trail that all Internet users leave which can be used against them.


Most people learn traditional standards of behavior and respect for others by the time they are teenagers—but many don’t realize that those rules are just as valid in cyberspace. This program helps students take the high road on the informat


The Internet offers vast possibilities for learning, making a living, and having fun—but it can also destroy reputations, empty bank accounts, and ruin lives. This program cautions students about potential hazards to their computers—not to


Grade: 6-8, 9-12

CyberSafety (DVD)
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Time: 20 Minutes

CyberEthics (DVD)
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Time: 20 Minutes

CyberSecurity (DVD)
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Time: 20 Minutes

CyberSense 3-Part Video Series (DVD)
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Time: 60 Minutes

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