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Most people learn traditional standards of behavior and respect for others by the time they are teenagers—but many don’t realize that those rules are just as valid in cyberspace. This program helps students take the high road on the information superhighway and avoid the temptations of the fast lane, pointing the way toward an ethically sound Internet presence and lifestyle.

Guidelines for the use of intellectual property are featured, with emphasis on the consequences of illegal downloading, copyright infringement, and plagiarism. Pornography, gaming sites, chat rooms, and online social networks are also discussed, helping viewers steer clear of antisocial and abusive activities, especially cyberbullying. Comments from experts, as well as questions from peers who are confused about the fine points of cyber legality, serve to clarify central ethical principles.

Video Segments

1. What Are CyberEthics? Many people do not consider ethics relative to cyberspace. Online ethics means behaving online as one would behave in "real" life, and understanding that online behavior has consequences.

2. Cyberspace: Academic Dishonesty. Though plagiarism and cheating in school has been around for centuries, today's new technology leads to new ways of cheating. Many students copy articles directly from the Internet and pass the work off as their own.

3. Intellectual Property Rights and Copyright. Students may not realize that people invest time, effort, and money to create "intellectual property," or "property of the mind." Copyright protects artists, publishers and other owners against unauthorized use.

4. Ethical Issues of Online Gaming and Cyber Bullying. Many people are addicted to online gaming, and for students this interferes with schoolwork and social relationships, and it can be expensive. Cyber bullying is an extensive problem among teens who spend time online.

5. How to Deal With Cyber Bullying. Law enforcement agencies can track the source of online threats and bullying. Online users can block messages from specific users. Cyber bullying should be reported Internet service providers and/or local police.


Grade: 6-8, 9-12

CyberEthics (DVD)
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