Checks and Balances: The Basics of Banking

An informative program that covers the fundamentals of checking and bank accounts.


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Because teenagers have sources of income, too, it’s increasingly important for every young adult to master basic banking skills. That’s where Checks and Balances comes in.

This informative, practical, and entertaining video covers the fundamentals of checking and bank accounts, such as filling out a check correctly, maintaining a checkbook register, and reconciling a bank statement. In addition, the video presents various banking techniques, including ATM transactions, debit cards, and online banking.

Viewers will learn what factors to consider when choosing a bank, as well as how to identify different types of checking accounts. Correlates to the National Standards of Life Skills for Life Work. Includes blank checks, workbook, and teacher’s manual.

Video Segments

1. Teens Managing Their Finances An imaginary contest pits two teenagers against one another to see who can best manage their finances.
2. Opening a Bank Account The first step in money management is researching banks and opening a bank account.
3. Banking Options The next step is to research the various types of accounts offered to determine which best suits the individual needs of the customer.
4. Items Required to Open an Account In order to open an account, various items such as photo ID and a bill from a utility company are needed.
5. Writing a Check Writing checks is a safe way to manage money and allows people to keep track of on what and where they are spending their money.
6. Account Balance Statements Keeping a checkbook balanced is vital. It is important to crosscheck the statement with the check book entries and balances.
7. Using the ATM In order to use an ATM, a person must first have a PIN, or personal identification number. It is important to enter all bank activity in the checkbook.


Grade: 9-12

Checks and Balances: The Basics of Banking (DVD)
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Time: 26 Minutes

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