Career Challenge

A "quiz show" format board game where students explore a variety of career choices.


Career Challenge is a board game designed to help students explore careers that may be good matches for their talents, interests, and work preferences. Players learn important facts about many careers and are encouraged to explore careers about which they previously had no knowledge or interest. The play of the game is a lot like a quiz show. Players answer questions to progress, and they receive checks as rewards.

How To Play

There are four decks of cards that players use to learn about careers:

  1. The Education and Skills cards help players learn about the importance of formal education and specific skills for various careers
  2. The What’s It Like? cards teach players about what it’s like to work in various careers
  3. The Good Career cards challenge players to match careers with interests and talents
  4. When a player picks a Guess My Career card, the player tries to get other players to guess the career by verbal descriptions and/or acting out the career.
Learning Objectives
  • Learn that a good career choice should meet three criteria: it's fun to do; you’re good at it; you are earning enough to have a life style that satisfies you.
  • Learn important facts and educational requirements for various careers.
  • Explore careers not previously known or understood.
  • Develop a list of careers into which students can look more closely.

Grade: 6-8, 9-12

Career Challenge (Board Game)
2-4 Players
© 2008

Career Challenge (Bundle of 6) (Board Game)
2-4 Players
© 2008

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