Blood Collection: A Short Course

4th Edition


This user-friendly text focuses on the proper techniques for collecting quality blood specimens with minimal patient discomfort. It’s perfect for intensive one- or two-day phlebotomy courses!


  • UPDATED & REVISED! Thoroughly updated and revised throughout to reflect the practice of phlebotomy today and the guidelines established by national certifying organizations and the essentials published by the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Science (NAACLS).
  • UPDATED & REVISED! All procedures are updated in accordance with the most current standards developed by the CLSI, The Joint Commission (TJC), and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA),
  • UPDATED & REVISED! Up-to-date information on point-of-care testing, preexamination variables and their effect on the specimen integrity, current ADA guidelines for the diagnosis of diabetes mellitus, arterial blood collection, and newborn bilirubin and newborn screening procedures
Table of Contents

Contents in Brief

1.  Introduction to Blood Collection

2.  Venipuncture Equipment

3.  Venipuncture Techniques

4.  Preexamination Variables and Venipuncture Complications

5.  Special Blood Collection

6.  Dermal Puncture

7.  Point-of-Care Testing

8.  Blood Collection from Vascular Access Devices


A. Laboratory Tests and the Required Types of Anticoagulants and Volume of Blood Required

B. Clinical Correlations of Blood Tests Related to Body Systems

C. Answer Key

D. Laboratory Abbreviations Commonly Used

Key Features

Discusses the basics, including…

  • types of blood specimens
  • blood collection equipment
  • vein selection and alternate sites
  • types of collection tubes and the purpose of anticoagulants
  • the order of draw
  • test-specific handling
  • complications and remedies
  • storage and transportation conditions


Offers full-color photographs that make every detail and technique easy-to-understand and easy-to-follow.

Covers blood specimen collection equipment including safety devices and technical procedures for venipuncture and dermal puncture.


Features a self-assessment exam that meets the requirements for continuing education protocols.


Offers a wealth of features to make learning easier, including…

  • Learning objectives
  • Technical tips, to avoid complications, such as hematomas and hemolysis
  • Safety tips
  • Practical situation problem-solving exercises
  • Performance evaluation checklists for technical procedures
  • Review questions
  • Illustrations, photographs, diagrams, charts, and tables
  • Resources on the web

Includes a color tube guide.

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Grade: 9-12

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Author: Marjorie Schaub Di Lorenzo and Susan King Strasinger
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Blood Collection: A Short Course (eBook - Single License) (Web-based)
Author: Marjorie Schaub Di Lorenzo and Susan King Strasinger
© 2022
Page Count: 288
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