Bank Account

A realistic board game where students learn how to manage their money.


Can you balance your bank checking account? Bank Account is a realistic simulation with true-to-life money management demands.

In Bank Account, players write checks, make deposits, keep accurate records, and reconcile accounts. Real-life transactions include paying medical, grocery, utility, legal, property tax, and other bills. Players make purchases, collect earnings, deposit tax refunds, receive scholarship money, etc. The winner is the first to build a bank account of $5,000. Checks, deposit slips and accounting forms are included.

How To Play

Players spin the spinner and move around the game board following the instructions of the space on which they land. They will become familiar with writing checks, making deposits, and keeping a checkbook register. The winner is the first player to accumulate a deposited balance of $5000.

Learning Objectives
  • Players learn the basics of using a bank account
  • Model and solve problems by representing, adding, and subtracting amounts of money
  • Develop accuracy in handling cash, debit cards, and checks  
  • Complete forms such as checks, deposit slips, and a checkbook register correctly

Grade: 6-8, 9-12

Bank Account (Board Game)
2-6 Players
© 2004

Bank Account (Bundle of 6) (Board Game)
2-6 Players
© 2004

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