Answering Interview Questions

Illustrates ways to effectively prepare for an interview and decrease the anxiety surrounding it.


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Giving clear, powerful answers to interview questions goes a long way toward winning any job. But even an entry-level interview is highly challenging, and, for many people, a nerve-wracking barrier to success.

This program illustrates ways to effectively prepare for an interview and decrease the anxiety surrounding it. Viewers learn about preinterview organization and thinking, how to anticipate specific questions, and how to deal with the most difficult and confrontational ones. In addition, a professional recruitment expert explains the differences (aside from the obvious ones) between one-on-one and group interview processes.

Video Segments

1. Understanding the Job Treat the interview process as an exam. Understand what the employer is looking for and use the words in the resume. Research the job and the employer and be prepared.
2. Anticipating Interview Questions Most common interview questions will be about the job and how well one matches up. Qualifications, interpersonal skills, and motivation are three important factors to consider. Rehearse answers.
3. Examples of Interview Responses Four elements provide a simple framework. Keep answers around 60 seconds long. Always answer in a positive manner.
4. Different Types of Interviews In group interviews be prepared to listen, be open to other's ideas, and make positive contributions.
5. Putting It All Together Being yourself and good non verbal communication skills are important elements; avoid negative body language, make eye contact, lean forward, practice.
6. Summary: Points to Remember Spend time researching the position and business and understand the responsibilities. Rehearse answers and continue to improve your performance.



Grade: 6-8, 9-12

Answering Interview Questions (DVD)
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