An Introduction to Web Site Design

A comprehensive introduction to the basic principles of Web site design.


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This program offers a comprehensive introduction to the basic principles of Web site design. Applicable to online retail outlets, electronic newspapers, blogs, search engines, and other types of sites, it explains how to identify the target audience, determine the site’s core purpose, apply Ben Schneiderman’s eight golden rules of GUI design, address technological issues and matters of visual appeal, and carry out an ongoing test/evaluation/update cycle. Interviews with two successful Web site designers are also included, to illustrate how it all comes together in the real world.

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1. Web Site Design Basics Industry experts underscore the importance of matching clients with appropriate Web site designs. The targeted audience must be able to navigate the site easily.

2. Purpose of Web Site Web site design is determined by whom and how the site will be used. Web sites fulfill a range of purposes such as information, news, banking, or shopping.

3. GUI Design: Eight Golden Rules Graphic User Interface (GUI) consists of eight rules: consistency; shortcuts; feedback (visual interaction); yield closure; error handling; easy reversal of actions; the user control; and reduction of short-term memory load.

4. Principles of Good Web Design Principles of web design include accommodating different browsers for easy navigation; making downloads easy; and making choices about how content is presented. Visual appeal makes an impression on site users.

5. Web Site Design: Measuring Success Successful Web sites must be tested, redesigned, and evaluated on an on-going basis. Web site users can provide valuable feedback to web designers. Some web site information requires frequent updating.


Grade: 9-12

An Introduction to Web Site Design (DVD)
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Time: 25 Minutes

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