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Advertising Layout Video Series

This 2-part series is ideal for coursework in marketing, advertising, design, and commercial art.


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Creating a successful print ad involves a dynamic mix of visual theory, consumer psychology, and nuts-and-bolts tinkering. This two-part series provides a thorough grounding in all of the above, familiarizing students with the terminology and working concepts that successful graphic designers and advertising creatives make use of on a daily basis.

Video Segments

Video 1: Space Allocation (19 min.)
This program helps students understand the proper space allocation for the main elements of a two-dimensional ad, including the illustration, headline, copy, and logo.

Video 2: Visual Direction (19 min.)
This program shows how to attract a reader’s attention with the layout concepts. Examples show how graphic designers direct attention within an ad by using various compositional techniques.


Grade: 6-8, 9-12

Advertising Layout Video Series (DVD)
© 2011
Time: 38 Minutes

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